Matthew 9:1-8

Let’s Read Matthew 9:1-8 where Jesus fixes a man’s biggest problem…

Read Matthew 9:1-8

Jesus healed this man’s body, but what was his biggest problem?
Because sin is our biggest problem, forgiveness is the best gift we could receive. Salvation and reconciliation with God are of greater value than physical comfort or healing. God will one day give us perfect bodies without disease or weakness and we will live in a perfect world with him without death, sadness, or pain. Furthermore, God doesn’t ignore us or leave us in our present sufferings but instead brings good out of them.

What is your biggest problem that is outside of your control?

Read Romans 8:18 & 28 & 35-39

Read this testimony from Katherine Wolf, a Christian woman who suffers from paralysis and other side effects of a stroke: “The beauty of suffering at a young age is that it will inform the rest of my life as well as my husband and children’s lives. Suffering is not the end of the story. The beauty of the gospel is that we see a better story being written and coming out of our sufferings, which changes the way we live the rest of our lives.”

If this woman is able to find comfort in God through her sufferings, do you think you can? What is hindering you?

Read Romans 5:3-5

How have you experienced your faith in God and your relationship with him grown through suffering?

Read Romans 12:10-15

As a church community, we can share in one another’s suffering and help one another. Do you know someone who is suffering? How can you come alongside them and support them in their suffering?

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