Matthew 5:21-48

Read Matthew 5:21-26 - Anger

When was the last time you got angry or irritated at someone?

Have you ever tried initiating a reconciling conversation with someone?

(For male-only groups.) Read Matthew 5:27-30 - Lust

Are you winning or losing the battle against lust and pornography?

Read Matthew 5:38-42 - Revenge

When was the last time a family member, friend, co-worker, or stranger treated you wrongly?

How did you respond? How should a Christian respond according to Jesus' teaching here?

Read Matthew 5:43-47 - Loving your enemies

Who is someone who doesn't like you, or whom you do not like?

Have you ever prayed for them? How could you show them love this week?

Read Matthew 5:48

What is our hope for living perfectly according to God's standard?

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